I’ve transformed into a DIE-HARD, ALL-OR-NOTHING LONGHORN FAN who firmly believes in our collective ability to mystically push the ball toward the end zone. THIS IS NO GAME. This is LIFE, DEATH, GLORY. This is everything. It may be a fever-fueled delusion, but for a moment I give in to the hype. And it’s FUN. FUN AS HELL.

Owen Egerton, The Alcalde

Be A Hellraiser. Be The Difference.

The Longhorn Hellraisers are a tradition that grew out of a dark time in UT athletics. Being a Hellraiser means more than simply wearing paint. A Hellraiser is a proud leader and ambassador who, at home and across the country, represents the University through spirit, passion and burnt orange.


With great passion comes great perks. As an active member of the UT game day experience, here are a few things you'd be a part of:

  • Front row seating at many UT sporting events such as football, basketball, volleyball, OU weekend and more!
  • Opportunities to impress your friends and family with national TV exposure on major networks like ESPN and ABC.
  • Unique opportunities from being a part of the UT brand, such as promotional events and special access to the gameday experience. Notable past opportiunities include meeting The Lonely Island.
  • Bonding with some of the greatest friends you'll ever have on unforgettable 20 hour roadtrips to desolate places such as Stillwater, OK.

Member Spotlight

Colin Harvey

The Longhorn Hellraisers are an integral part of the UT gameday experience. As someone who grew up in Austin going to UT sporting events, the Hellraisers have always been there to lead the fans and cheer on the team.

My only regret at the University of Texas is that I did not join the Longhorn Hellraisers earlier. LH gave me more than I could have ever hoped for: friends, fun times, amazing memories, a community, and most importantly a family. Everyone is accepted for who they are regardless of background, and I wish I had more than two seasons watching games with them.

Amanda Whittemore

Little did I know that when I answered 'Yes' to the simple question "Do you like yelling?" at Freshman orientation I would be joining the best organization on campus.

We're a family that bleeds burnt orange supporting our university 24/7, 365 days a year. Every week during football season, I look forward to game day, screaming "Texas Fight" wherever the 'Horns are playing.

As a Hellraiser, I have met people that I'm going to be friends with for the rest of my life and I wouldn't change anything for the world (no matter how cheesy that sounds).

Emery Elliot

Electricity. Anticipation. Joy. I don't need an alarm on Horns gameday. That's what it feels like to wake up a Hellraiser.

Waking up as a Hellraiser means I get to paint my face, put on my boots, button up my oxford, shotgun a beer, and yell until my throat bleeds. It means road trips, front row seats, and adventure all over. It means I get goosebumps every time I sing The Eyes and fight back tears every time I slap a sign for Joe.

Waking up and remembering I'm a loud and proud Hellraiser is an incomparable and unmatchable feeling. It's like Christmas morning every damn Saturday and I wouldn't trade the memories I've made with this crazy group for anything.


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Summer Orientation Student Organization Fair: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

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